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Imagine that you are a celebrity. Everything is going swimmingly. Your latest album/movie/team/gimmick is doing great. People want interviews, photos, autographs, even hugs. But then, due to scandal or time or something else -- you're forgotten. Sometimes overnight. Sometimes gradually. Is your time done?

No way! Not when there's the Internet! The Web is the final gasp of patheticness for a host of former stars. Dot-coms have not just brought us easier impulsive stock trading, fetish porn sites, and eBay's feedback forum -- they've given us a great collection of ex-celeb sites.

So come along as we visit the nostalic pages of folks who have taken the downwardly spiraled trek from heroes to zeroes. Laugh with us as we mock their poor web design, misspelled words, and tragic lives.  


Most of the commentary you see on the site is written with entertainingly good intentions. We do our best to be witty, insightful, and accurate. However, occasionally, we have been known to go overboard.

If you feel that your site has been mischaracterized as once famous (or has been too rudely criticized)-- please let us know. We realize that if you are taking time out of your otherwise important day to contact us that you are simply proving our point though. Posing as a lawyer or tricking a real one into sending us a cease and desist order? Get real. We love you! Hey, we're broke and unknown. At least you were famous -- once. But if you want to let us know that you're now famous again because you landed a bit part in Dickie Roberts or your site has changed materially and you would like a second review, we're here for you! The address is appeals@OnceFamous.com

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