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Here's the deal with bad fan pages- there are a ton of them. The sites listed below, however, are a slight cut above the rest because their proprietors have actually secured an ex-celeb related domain name. In other words, they're not just setting up a Tripod or Geocities site for Donnie Osmond, they actually went out and spent ten bucks on DonnieOsmond.org, or DonnieFan.net, or Osmonded.com. You get the picture.

Actual celebrities zealously protect any use of their name, even by fans, for fear of misrepresentation or "product dilution." But when you're doing autograph shows in Arkansas, you'll take any attention you can get. Hence many of the sites below live on, spreading the word to a few about the forgotten.

  • An incredibly in-depth and technical site for a particularly unremarkable show.
    The Six Million Dollar Site

    By the way, keep sending us suggestions. All entries should be emailed to badfans@OnceFamous.com. If we use the site you submit we won't send you a free t-shirt!

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