Angry Emails  

Incredibly, some people aren't pleased to see their sites listed here at OnceFamous. So they get their lawyers, agents, webmasters, and, one time, their brothers to write us and complain.

Here are some excerpts from some of those emails. We've left the names out for legal reasons- but they're still entertaining enough.

Ms.XXX was very upset by your site. She finds it personally offensive- not to mention inaccurate. She was a guest star on the hit show "Becker" as recently as 1996.  

My client's reputation is essential to his continued success in the field of acting. I hereby inform you that you must cease and desist from further criticism of his site, or be met with all legal relief available to [him].... by the way, he had over five hundred visitors to his site last month.  

I find your site very unfair. I still enjoy a considerable fan base, as evidenced by my DJ business. I insist that you remove the link to my site- or make me a profit sharing ofer [sic]."  

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