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Featured Forgotten - Justine Batemen  

Unlike her brother Jason, who skyrocketed back to the spotlight in spectacular fashion with the great Arrested Development, Justine hasn't lived up to the "family ties" in her acting gene pool. Mallory Keaton was a classic sitcom character. Though she was overshadowed by her brother (in real life, and in the show, with Michal J. Fox's brillian Alex P. Keaton) she did manage a pair of Emmy nominations for Alex's slow-witted bombshell sibling.

Things didn't pan out so well after the show came to an end. She starred in Satisfaction, which featured the then obsucre Julia Roberts and Liam Neeson, then moved on to fashion designs and Christmas poetry. Yes, Christmas poetry! Her website is devoted to her fashion designs business. However, it's down at the moment. Ohhh, if only Mallory had learned for Alex's business smarts!

The site, was at:



  • Site Design: 0 Stars - "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" -- Tacky. Unoriginal.
  • Site Content: 0 Stars - Ditto.
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 2 Stars - If the business is toast, I guess slapping your name on an enterprise only works if that name remains famous.

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