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When you think Saturday Night Fever you think "Oh I wish I could wrap my arms around the second hottest Scientologist in the world, John Travolta, and have him catapult me into dancing heaven!*" Well, that's perfectly natural, but what about the other stars of movie making's greatest disco epic ever? Where are they? We've found one.

Karen Lynn Gorney, who starred alongside Travolta as "Stephanie" in Fever, is a classic one hit wonder. Aside from a brief role in Men in Black (uncredited even), her name has been absent from blockbusters for over two decades. That hasn't precluded her from establishing a web presence though.

At her site you are invited to explore her music CDs, email her at her Yahoo! email, or read her FAQs. One gets the feeling that she is a decent person. She seems genuinely interested in acting, not just fame. Although she offers herself out for performance and hawk autographs on the site, she seems to be getting by alright.

The site design is atrocious.

So here's the once famous Featured Forgotten site for this month. Ya think Travolta's ever seen it....?

The site, is at:



  • Site Design: 1 1/2 Stars- Typical ex-celeb site. No theme, poor organization. Cheap graphics. Looks like a Tori Amos fan page.
  • Site Content: 4 1/2 Stars- Everything you could ever want to know about, uh, what's her name, is here.
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 1/2 Star- She holds up pretty well!

    *it is a well-known fact that Earl C Lynn of Gary, Indiana, is the hottest Scientologist in the world. He is also a step seven on the Electro chart.

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