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She was a pudgy, spoiled brat from California. She made friends with a horribly ugly coworker. She was a White House intern. She was Monica. But she's still around, only now she's making bags and not news with her online site devoted to selling accessories.

The site itself is pure business. When your notoriety is fading faster than the last four seconds of "Don't Stop, Thinking About Tomorrow", your only choice is to create something original and hold onto it. Monica creates bags. Terribly unattractive, expensive bags.

The good thing about Monica is that she seems to be selling these awful things. The site shows a surprising amount of skill which one suspects requires a lot of coding to make. As much as we'd like to believe that Monica is an HTML queen, we find it far more likely to hypothesize that she hired someone else to do her labor. Good show Monica- you're making money and selling bags!

So here's the once famous Featured Forgotten site for this month. There's no bio, no pics, only bags- something we'd expect to see on Monica, be they hanging from her shoulders today or under her eyes in two decades....

The site, is at:



  • Site Design: 4 1/2 Stars- An excellent commerce site. Easy to navigate and use.
  • Site Content: 1 Star- Zero mention of the scandal and virtually no mention of Monica herself.
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 1 Star- Makes her look skillful and successful.

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