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He sold 30 million albums. 30 million. A few years later he was $14 million dollars in the hole. He was mocked, he was sued, he was written off as finished. And he was. M.C. Hammer hasn't been on the music radar screen since the pre-Internet days. Since then he's gone through the standard exceleb rediscovering of Christ, cutting some tracks here and there, and living off his past fame that Leif Garret and the other once famous musicians of the world survive on.

But now he's back. Sort of. He has a cutting edge site with excellent graphics and an easy to use interface. It even has information about his work with the USO. Or it would, if whomever is developing the site took the time to enter the appropriate content.

Enjoy this look at the new Hammer (he dropped the M.C. a long time ago, possibly because he was not an MC anymore, or possibly he simply lost it in a lawsuit). If you're so inclined, shoot him an email. Let him know we only wish him well, and if we've been a tad cruel, it's only because we can't get that damn song out of our heads.

So here's the once famous Featured Forgotten site for this month. Go ahead, you can touch this....

The site, is at:



  • Site Design: 5 Stars- Possibly the best once famous site we've ever seen. Somebody invested some time and cash in this thing.
  • Site Content: 2 Stars- A limited bio, few photos, and where's the tour info?
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 1 Star- He actually comes off looking prosperous due to the complex but fluid nature of the site.

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