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Wow. This is possibly the best once famous site we have ever seen. The creator, Wil Wheaton, is a former child star. Not just any star, but a star of Star Trek, the second greatest generator of geeks in the civilized world (blogs passed Star Trek just this month). Furthermore, Wil is actually self-deprecating. He enjoys mocking his past. And the best part, this is just incredible, he designed the site himself. The whole thing. He taught himself HTML and designed his own fan site. How once famous can you get?

Wheaton comes off as a decent guy. He has a lovely family, an honest appreciation of his place in Hollywood, and is clearly sharper than most celebrities who create their own sites. All this from the kid who was in Toy Soldiers and Stand by Me.

The site has everything. Wheaton's even uploaded audio messages for his fans. The most recent one sports him celebrating a $100 win in Las Vegas. Residuals must be slowing. Come along as we visit this former child actor's new .net refuge (yet another reason the site's once famous, wilwheaton.com is owned by a traffic hog in Hong Kong- hath Wesley no lawyer?). By the way- we'll be advertising on his site next month.

So here's the once famous Featured Forgotten site for this month. These are the voyages of a former child star....

The site, is at:



  • Site Design: 4 1/2 Stars- Easily navigated, the site was designed with Dreamweaver. Wheaton's done a decent job of incorporating forums and other dynamic areas into his site. We're jealous.
  • Site Content: 5 Stars- Great bio, nice gallery, audio info, superb contact info, and a captivating FAQ page.
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 1 Star- He's comfortable with who he is. Comes off as a good egg.

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    Jimmie Walker | 5:02
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    Phil Collins | 11:02
    Nick Bakay | 12:02
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