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To be fair, Kirk Cameron seems like a decent guy. He's kind to animals (so claims ZenPictures.com, his production company's web site), he's soft-voiced, and he is supposedly a devout Christian who generously spends his summers entertaining kids with terminal diseases. Those are all great things and somebody should be slapping him on the back for it.

But this isn't OnceFamousandVeryNice.com here, it's OnceFamous.com- and Cameron and his site fit all of the requirements of a once famous site:

  • He was famous. This guy was HUGE from about 1987-1990. Look at it this way- he appeared next to Leonardo DiCaprio for two seasons and was still considered the "star" of the show.
  • He's not now. Kurt Cameron? Isn't he a quarterback? No, wasn't that Ferris Bueller's friend? Does anybody except aging, single, drunken female secretaries flipping through yearbooks even think of this guy anymore?
  • His site is comical First off- who in their right mind would want a "KirkCameron.net" email? Who wants a ".net" anything? Why doesn't Kirk own "KirkCameron.com?" Who does? (presumably some other guy with the same name- his life must have been strange while "Growing Pains" was on the air).

    Anyway, enjoy the site, it's at:



  • Site Design: 5 Stars- easy to navigate; subtle, yet attractive.
  • Site Content: 2 Stars- no mention of Kirk's sexual exploits in the late 1980s.
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 1/2 Star- Cameron seems comfortable with his status as a Christian film actor and only cites his "Growing Pains" work occasionally. He gets half a star for hawking "GP" calendars though.

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