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When most people hear "Phil Collins" they think "Buster- the best film since The Toy." Or at least they did. Several years ago.

Here's a quick update on where Phil Collins has been for the past decade: he had a hit with the Tarzan soundtrack, was interviewed a million times and attempted to deny that he is envious of other British rockers being knighted, and he has, just this year, released a new album- it's the first is six years.

All of this info was gleaned from Phil's personal website.

The site itself is rather dull in design, but is chock-full of Phil Collins style content! Collins has done a very good job of gracefully sliding from hero to zero. Here's a guy who, seventeen years ago, flew from a concert in London to one in Philadelphia the same day for the novelty of it. Now, he's just wallowing in his cash. Can you blame him?

One other thing- we downloaded Phil's new song "Can't Stop Loving You," and we believe, as much as we enjoy mocking people, it's actually damn good.

So here's the once famous Featured Forgotten site for this month. We couldn't think of a clever way to work this in so we'll just say it- Phil sure hasn't grown any hair back....

The site, is at:



  • Site Design: 1 1/2 Stars- Really dull for someone with as much cash as he must have- at least there's no XXX section.
  • Site Content: 3 Stars- Kind of an interesting character, the multi-section bio gives you the whole Collins story.
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 4 Stars- plus, there are even several photos that make him look like Robin Williams.

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