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Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey): you are the weakest link.

Everyone knows that, next to a non-singing bassist, the lamest member of any band is the drummer. Ringo lived up to that expectation with the Beatles, where he fetched apples during rehearsals for other members. After the Beatles broke up, he parlayed his undeserved fame into a series of easily forgotten albums. But he was still a Beatle and that honor, along with more cash than he could shake a drum stick at, kept landing him record contracts.

To support these monstrosities, Ringo often went on tour (you can read about all this on his site's "bio" section). The last few times he's been out on the road, he's taken to labeling himself "Ringo's All-Star Band." His all-stars include the Emerson guy from Emerson, Lake and Powell, Howard Jones (80's Phil Collins wannabe) and (this is great), Shelia E., the former female drummer on the short-lived "Magic Hour" show on Fox.

Be sure and checkout Ringo's heavy hitting schedule. A race track in West Virginia. A state fair in Oklahoma. Good God Ringo- that ain't Wembley is it mate?

The site, is at:



  • Site Design: 4 Stars- nice graphics, loses half a star for Ringo's voice.
  • Site Content: 1 Star- what- no pics of the Ringo groupies?
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 1 Star- He really seems to believe that his band is deserving of the all-star label. Hmmmm.

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