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She had a career start worthy of Ted McGinley's nasty habit of sinking a popular series when she joined the cast of Happy Days just as the show was about to come to an end. But she rose above it. Crystal Bernard went on to redeem her sitcom hex with successful stints in It's a Living and Wings.

But you sensed that things were coming undone. Her girl next door charm could have made her a Hollywood starlet but she wound up with the paralyzing curse of made for tv movies. She could sing too -- and the wind beneath this Wings star proved to be a few records, including a hit duet with Chicago frontman Peter Cetera. Oh, well, the girl next door moved on to big things -- but now she's moving back in next to you.

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  • Site Design: 5 Stars - Top notch. It's the best use of flash you will ever see in a OnceFamous site -- once you get past the annoying Cetera-Bernard single.
  • Site Content: 4 Stars - It's always good to see attractive celebrities cut to the chase and allow you to get right to the photo gallery instead of the cool flash-enabled page but what's with the everyone.net message board?
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 3 Stars - Classy site and presentation, until you see the Cafe Press merchandise page and you have but to wonder, who the heck would pay $25 for a Crystal Bernard BBQ apron?

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