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Bridget Hanley. The name brings forth images of world-class acting and timeless beauty. Well, it does if you read and believe all that her third-rate website professes. In reality, she's a long forgotten ex-celeb who bought a domain name and got some moderately skilled HTML geek to throw up a site for her.

Hanley's last role, according to the Internet Movie Database, was on a Columbo episode during the first Bush Administration. Prior to that she was a "star" in two forgotten TV shows- neither of which was MASH.

Since her fame is minimal then, our focus is on the site.

Worth visiting is the photos section. Do this first so you can look at her mug shot and say "Nope, still don't know who she is." Then take a spin over to her bio section and read about her rise from Nowhere, America to Nowhere, Hollywood. Each sentence reads like one of those self-justifying Communist propaganda leaflets the Soviets used disperse to their enemies in the Cold War. (We'd give you a quote but they've prohibited cut and paste on the site, so you'll have to visit yourself).

The site, is at:



  • Site Design: 2.5 Stars- Easy to get around- but looks like a FrontPage effort.
  • Site Content: 3 Stars- For the record, she seems like a decent person. As for the content, well, it's less than thrilling.
  • Self-Humiliation Level: 4 Stars- She's obviously a competent article. The LA Times gave her a favorable review for her recitation of James Dickey poems (a OnceFamous favorite)- so why does she need to revisit her limited and unillustrious past so deeply?

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