OnceFamous Enjoys the Following Links- in no particular order:

  • The Feathered Back Hair Site- your one-stop resource for Feathered Back Hair Style info including witty commentary and archival images. Priceless. The Feathered Back Hair Site

  • Michael Larson Info- this ice-cream salesman spent the winter of 1983 recording and studying the popular game show "Press Your Luck," determined to find a system that would allow him to beat the "Whammies." And he did. With virtually no money, he flew to LA, got on the show, and won $110,000. It was the largest amount in the history of game shows (for the time). www.nd.edu

  • IMDB- the source for celeb info. Internet Movie Database

  • FindADeath- the macabre guide to celeb deaths; the feature on forgotten child star Trent Lehman's suicide is ridiculously in-depth- including photos of the fence he hung himself from. Find a Death

  • Frank Abagnale, Jr. Info- the finest conman of the 21st century (the book is far better than the movie- ain't that Leo a dish?) Amazon

  • Impostors- other accomplished cons.

  • The Monkey and Pitcairn Island- just read it.

  • The Smoking Gun- the best at what they do.

  • A History of Famous Hoaxes.
    Museum of Hoaxes

  • Cecil always tell it like it is.
    Straight Dope

  • Debunking urban legends daily.

  • Boilerpalte- a faux history. Beautifully written.

  • The Hollywood Stock Exchange- it's like fantasty baseball- for people who read Variety.
    Hollywood Stock Exchange

  • If you're into famous women...
    Woman Index

  • Most of the stories are indepth and fascinating.
    Crime Library

  • Insightful, humorous writing about fascinating places.
    Life After Tyranny

  • Great pictures and webcams.

  • Cold war. Once famous. A little creepy.

  • Was Yuri the first man in space? Or simply the first to return alive? Eerie.
    Lost Cosmonauts

  • Did you ever visit the old Jesus.com site? Ingenius- we're trying to locate that guy.

  • Biff from Back to the Future and more famous on screen douches.

  • Various celebs and assorted info can be found here.

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